#NOSHAME Ministry

The term "no shame" can mean different things to different people. At St. Martin's, we are trying to reach out to anyone who feels shame. Some examples might be someone who is divorced, gay, transgender, suffers from addiction, depression, and more. We want to build a community of mutual support for those who are suffering and provide a safe gathering place for families affected by shame.

Our goal is to work toward ending the stigma that shame brings to someone's life and offer spiritual support.

Our program begins with prayer at the beginning and end of the service. We ask God to continue to guide us and give thanks for the gifts of the day. To learn more about our #NOSHAME Ministry or to get involved, contact St. Martin's directly to speak with one of our staff. Everyone is welcome at God's table, and we hope to see you there!

See our Facebook page for up to date information.